[OFFICIAL] 8 REASONS Why U Should Tell EDMW.XYZ to FUG OFF and Join XYZ longluntan

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[OFFICIAL] 8 REASONS Why U Should Tell EDMW.XYZ to FUG OFF and Join XYZ longluntan Empty [OFFICIAL] 8 REASONS Why U Should Tell EDMW.XYZ to FUG OFF and Join XYZ longluntan

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 24, 2016 11:30 pm

For those undecided whether to join, here are 8 compelling reasons this CNY... why you should **** EDMW.XYZ and make EDMW.XYZ http://natnai.forumotion.com/ your One & Only sauce of entertainment .....

1) longluntan 100% respect ALL Users with No Discrimination - Unlike the cheebye forum at EDMW.XYZ, SUCK UP TO THEIR INVITED GUESTS AND TELL THEIR DONORS TO SUCK IT

2) XYZ longluntan have no Mods or guest - Over at EDMW.XYZ, mods will find you a nuisance personally after they collect your donation to pay their guest

3) EDMW.XYZ have Double Standards - [/SIZE] 1Standard for Guest, 1 Standard for donors. No Faith in EDMW.XYZ !

4) XYZ longluntan ish Growing Arrogant and Getting Big headed - In just less than a month, XYZ has signed up more than 2600 clones, and the server cant keep up, that why its so slow tonight.
In just less than a day, XYZ longluntan has signed iconic members like nachtsider and petpet, XYZ longluntan is determined to become the True XYZ community of SG, and will eventually replace the WAYANG EDMW.XYZ version in time .... Choose wisely !

5) EDMW.XYZ Has no contents and resort to gimmick like DJ and Guest- Over here, there ish always some lameass gimmick.
Can't say the same for the other side..... at XYZ longluntan, we let people become mods, and they edit other people posts on 1st day. how is that for freedom.

6) EDMW.XYZ Postcount reset your postcounts - Unrike this side ... every1 start from 0, XYZ longluntan respect your post count and will adjust accordinly if you have proof of your account

7) EDMW.XYZ need to pay for photoshop photo - Knn, XYZ longluntan, we have real siaolangs, not hypocrite phising for donation pretending to be siaolangs

and Lastly ...........

Cool The Real NASTY people are actually at EDMW.XYZ - If u think XYZ belongs to the 'outcasts', think again. Try saying something nasty or offensive about the guests these days. See what happens next. You will either get deleted by Ian That's what its like to be in EDMW.XYZ nowadays. 1 month only, all the powers go his big head

EDMW.XYZ is now the Light Side of the Force, So XYZ longluntan is the now the real Dark Side, you get the pure siao lang exp, not this fake Very Happy

Make the Right Choice. Join http://natnai.forumotion.com/f1-xyz. HUAT AH !!!!


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