[IMPORTANT] EXCLUSIVE censoring on NOC thread is the BIGGEST IRONY!!!

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[IMPORTANT] EXCLUSIVE censoring on NOC thread is the BIGGEST IRONY!!!

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 24, 2016 4:06 pm

What do you think?

[QUOTE=Dr.Vijay SPH;n208329]

What is this? If the NOC idiots cannot accept criticism they should not even be here. Criticism can help them and make them think (if they can even think?) to produce more quality stuff instead of resorting to cheap stunts like inviting females with ultra heavy makeup and show skin, thumbnails also put those skin here and there to lure subscribers.


And mind you, I am more than happy supporting local productions, but not seeing them one by one going so low to the point that the reason of watching their shit is due to cleavage from some insecure bimbotic females with ultra mega thick makeup.

besides, the purpose of EDMW UNCENSORED is to see everything uncensored, be it positive or negative. by policing and censoring everything, whats the diff as compare to SPH EDMW? might as well migrate back?


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